One of the nuisances that I often face while grilling is getting bitten by mosquitoes. It must be something about me but I can just stand out in the back yard for 5 minutes and get tons of bites. So I’ve been researching ways to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Here are some useful tips that I’ve found.

Many people like to light citronella candles because the smell acts as a mosquito repellent. Of course you can also use sprays and wipes. Another way to kill the mosquitoes is to useĀ  a bug zapper such as this one. You can also use sneaky tricks like dry ice to draw mosquitoes closer to your mosquito trap. I also read that burning dry used coffee grounds can also work as a repellent but I haven’t tried it myself.

Of course prevention is another important thing. Check around your yard and remove all kinds of standing water. If you get rid of the places where mosquitoes breed, you’ll nip the problem right at its source.

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