lump charcoal or briquettes

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Serious Eats features a hotly debated topic: whether lump charcoal or briquettes are better for grilling. The article includes the pros and cons of each type of cooking fuel. Personally, I’ve tried both and don’t really have a preference of one over the other.

Lump charcoal does light quicker and burns faster but briquettes burn longer. On the other hand, briquettes are typically cheaper than lump charcoal but tend to have a chemical smell, especially the ones that are pre-soaked with lighter fluid. Whether or not that smell ends up in your food depends on how sensitive your nose is.

There is another article that has a lot of information about the differences between using lump charcoal or briquettes which is a good read. The conclusion that the author arrived at was that temperature control is the most important thing so briquettes hold an advantage in that respect.

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