I think I’ve read something about this but never tried . And I’m grilling / smoking right now and would like to try something with banana peels to enhance my cornish game hens and my chicken .
So whaddya know ?

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7 Responses to “Can Banana Peels Be Used In Cooking — Grilling — And How ?”

  1. Cherie S says:

    I’ve never smoked a banana peel Earnest, but I guess it sounds interesting. Where do you get papers that big……………rotfl. Seriously–I’ve heard (never tried) of banana LEAVES used to tenderize roasts–even popping a ripe peel into the pan while cooking (so it wouldn’t work on the BBQ).
    The only thing I’ved tried using a banana peel for was a ‘shoe shine’–(also been told to use it on silverware and leather furniture.)

  2. Trav says:

    Check out the anarchist’s cookbook.

  3. Bronwen Eats Forbidden Fruit says:

    Are you sure you are thinking of bananas, and not plantains? I know there are some recipes which call for the plantain to be cooked with the skin on. I have, a couple of times, seen foreign dishes which require banana peels as one of the ingredients, but I have never heard of the actual peels being grilled. Also, all the recipes I have seen for the foreign stuff require special ingredients, and aren’t the types of things the average American Joe or Jane keeps in the kitchen all the time.
    You can, however, make some grilled fruit kabobs while you are waiting for your birds to be cooked all the way through. Strawberries, bananas and pineapple all grill up really nicely. You don’t need to put anything on them, as the natural sugar carmelizes as they grill. I prefer my fruit raw, but I have been known to eat grilled fruit on occasion.
    And let’s be realistic. The very best use for a banana peel is to leave one, yellow side up, on the doorsteps of neighbors you don’t like. Then, you ring the doorbell and go hide in the bushes. Watch them step out on their porch to try and see who’s playing games, and hope like crazy they slip on the peel đŸ˜‰

  4. $Sun King$ says:

    There are quite a few banana peel recipes here but I doubt that you would have the ingredients. It may be worth pursuing as banana peels have been shown to be 11% alcohol.http://www.harekrsna.com/practice/prasad…

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