how do i make the meat taste like it’s been grilled without grilling it? I really don’t have a grill at this moment.

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8 Responses to “How Do I Make The Meat Taste Like It’s Been Grilled Without Grilling It On The Gril?”

  1. cindybd says:

    marinate your meat-sprinkle with seasoned meat tenderizer, mccormicks grill mates seasoning–spicy montreal steak seasoning and soy sauce. Then broil it. You’ll never know the difference!

  2. raroo99 says:

    lay a pan on the lower rack + put the meat on the upper rack , just make sure you clean the rack b-4 + after doing this. set it to broil -keep it away from the elements + flip it after a few min cking for desired doness . get a grill – even an electric one beats doing this.

  3. babyyang says:

    i guess you can pan fry it or broil it in the oven, it should taste the same, just without the grill marks =]

  4. glenno says:

    how about trying to cook it on a sandwich press where the top of the press has the grill marks . It might seem crazzy but that is all i use when cooking meat for me and my wife . The key here is make sure that it is hot for a start, then put meat on place top down and leave for around 3min meat is cooked with grill marks .
    enjoy yum yum

  5. G says:

    well you can add steak sauce to it that will usually will give it a more smokey taste like it’s been on the grill but it wont be 100% genuine but it definetly will taste good and smokey like if it was on the grill.
    i hope i helped!

  6. ha-pcukr says:

    Adding some BBQ sauce to most any meat product and then broiling it will certainly give off that BBQ flavor. Prob. best to add the sauce when cooking is half-way done as it typically has some sugar in it, which can start to burn under the broiler – so watch carefully. And try not to overcook your meat – medium is usually ideal for flavor and tenderness. The smoke from a real BBQ is what really enhances and gives food that typical taste. The only way to do that in an oven is to purchase specialized wood chips made for BBQ’s and soak in water then put in small metal container cov’d with foil with holes poked through it for the smoke to escape. Place on lowest level or even the floor of the oven. The heat from the broiler will cause the wet wood to “smoke,” which in turn will flavor your meat. A bit more work, to be sure. Just depends on how much time you want to devote to it. People do the same method in their BBQ to add the enhanced flavor of smoked wood.

  7. chicky says:

    liquid smoke and grill seasonings..

  8. MrM ® says:

    Well, you can broil it in the broiler or bake it in the oven at a high temp.
    If its smokiness you are after, I really can’t help much. Best smoke flavor comes from smoke.
    Liquid smoke is a poor substitute, IMO.

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