I have some ‘grilling’ steak that I am planning to cook and I would just like some suggestions on the best way to tenderize it. All it says on the packet is ‘grilling steak’. Thanks a lot!

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24 Responses to “How Do I Tenderize Grilling Steak?”

  1. I personally put worcheshire sauce on both sides and poke the heck outta it with a fork. Good luck!

  2. Earth Queen says:

    Stab it. Both sides, several times. Maybe some marinade overnight.

  3. Ugly Videos says:


  4. JD says:

    Marinade it in some olive oil, garlic, and black pepper for a few hours before grilling.

  5. 1broWnMe says:

    All you do is take a knife and poke at it thoroughly. Or you can find a spiked mallet and hit the steak til tender. Season with garlic , worcheshire sauce,pepper, onions.

  6. Terry M says:

    grilling meat is usually not too tough. you can either marinade, look up recipes to your taste or you can pound it with a tenderizer or failing that, use the side of a plate.

  7. Cool Videos says:

    Get a meat hammer and beat the crapp out of it,,, oooo wait, first put meat tenderizer on it, ohh yea, and soak it in Sherry, Bourbon, Rum or some other alcohol. Any way.. do that.

  8. sacanda_ says:

    stab it with a fork, and use 7-up, or cherry 7-up….the soda works it’s way into the meat, and tenderizes it….add any spices or sauce that you like to the soda!

  9. none says:

    If you freeze the steak with the marinade, then thaw it, it comes out great. The moisure from the meat kinda separates when freezes, and then the marinade soaks back in with the moisture in equal parts.

  10. Catherine E: VT says:

    Marinade it in a combination of balsamic vinegar and veg. oil.

  11. been_the says:

    Try powdered meat tenderizer….or pounding it with a meat tenderizer mallet thing…

  12. CrankyJz says:

    i use beer or coke

  13. Smitty#7 says:

    I suggest putting it in a marinade. Which is afancy word for “soaking in oil and spices”.
    In a dish that will hold the meat with a bunch of extra space, put the meat, olive oil, spices( I like to use Rosemary and garlic (both chopped)). Let it all sit together in the fridge for about an hour on each side of the steak .
    Have fun :) !

  14. The fact that it says ‘grilling steak’ means that it doesn’t need to be tenderized. It’s already a tender cut. You could marinate it for flavour if you want, but as long as you don’t over cook it, it should be tender and delicious.

  15. marinate it in italian dressing and a little bit of burgundy or red wine vinegar. piercing the meat with a fork. refrigerate for 1/2 hr in marinade

  16. Meat Tenderizer–spice isle. Also, a spikey mallet is good if you’re careful.

  17. Mike M says:

    First u gotta beat your meat
    next you want to let it marinade over night in either a marinade or just use (Worster…. “however you spell that word”, and a little bit of soy sauce, some garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, and anything else you can think of for flavor.)
    then next day grill the steak and trash the marinade

  18. Society Dweller says:

    all of these are great marinading ideas, but honestly, the best way to tenderize a steak, is to let it sit in Coke. Believe it or not, marinading it in Coke for about 24 hours will make it extremely tender. Good luck.

  19. yetti says:

    I like a mixture of worchester sauce and ranch dressing. mixed half and half….I also add some meat tenderizer, garlic, pepper, and whatever othe spices you like….let the meat sit for at least 4 hours….as with any othe marinade the longer it sits the stronger the flavor…..and then grill to your desired doneness.

  20. yiufdbgk says:

    using a sharp knife slice it on each side about half cm deep and as much as possible, then it will not tension after cook

  21. steveo20 says:

    You have to beat your meat!

  22. stegall_ says:

    you are not suppose to Peirce the steak at all ……it lets all the natural juices out and you get dry meat …..next Aime you buy your steak put tenderizers on it immediately and put in a freezer bag with marinade of your choice and then freeze it.when you are ready to cook put them on hot grill frozen this locks juices in and leaves the middle a little red if you cook just right this will be the most tender steak you will ever eat…..

  23. AVATARD says:

    Use on of those hammers and pound the sh*t out of it.

  24. bibun says:

    buys some tenderizer it should be in the seosoning section at your grocery store.

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