I didn’t know if the skin would get tough or if I need to remove it before grilling it. Which is better?

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11 Responses to “Should I Remove The Skin Off My Cheicken Legs Before Grilling?”

  1. King Vista says:

    With the skin left on you will have a much moister chicken, because as the skin cooks it will season the chicken in the process. If you feel that you must remove the skin wait until you have finished cooking it. Also, the skin can act as a protectant from flames that become unruly, because it acts to shield the meat of your chicken from any direct contact with the fire.

  2. Jan J says:

    Do not remove the skin. Its the protective layer between the meat and the heat. It serves to hold in the natural juices of the chicken. If you don’t want to eat the skin, remove it after it has grilled.

  3. Patricia G says:

    Grilling chicken with skin will make it moist and with more taste. Put some lemon juice on it, it will cut the fat. If you are on a diet, just remove it and use it to make broth or just discard it.

  4. Joanie Pony says:

    Leave it on most of the fat cooks away and it would difficult to remove and that is where the flavor is going to be

  5. Robert S says:

    Leave it on, put skin side to the heat, for flavour & moisture.
    But if you don’t want the fat, take it off before you eat them.

  6. well the benefit of leaving the skin on the chicken is the meat will be more moist but the downfall is skin on animals are fatty and are full of hormones… and calories!!!

  7. juslockn says:

    The fat/skin aids in the grilling process. I would take the skin off after cooking so that the meat will not be so dry.

  8. Claire says:

    Leave it on, it makes the meat moist, and it gets all nice and crunchy. Try seasoning it firsthand though.

  9. mlz19408 says:

    NO do not remove it

  10. libbyami says:

    NO leave it on, it will help keep the meat moister

  11. Nocturna says:

    leave it on

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