Our local supermarket is having a special on Steakhouse Roast this week, but it’s a cut I’m not familiar with. I’d like to determine the grilling time with the cookout calculator at charcoalbob.com, but don’t know what cut it’s comparable to in terms of texture and density. London Broil? NY Strip?
Season with a rub or marinate?
Thanks for your help.

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2 Responses to “What Is A Steakhouse Roast And What Cut Does It Compare To For Grilling?”

  1. It’s the cut from the center of the rib. Some people call it a standing roast or prime rib.

  2. blessed_ says:

    If it is anything at all like the German Rump steak, the grain of the meat goes longways, like a roast. The Germans cook it medium temperature in a roast pan, 20-40 min to a side, then place it in a oven-proof skillet with pats of butter all around the steak and put the skillet back into the oven to finish, both sides. Usually served with cracked peppercorn rubbed in or topped with dried onion rings and smothered with a brown gravy.

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