Frying is very different but I put it in to get you guys started.

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7 Responses to “What’s The Difference Between Baking, Roasting, Frying, Broiling And Grilling?”

  1. cindybma says:

    Renate had a very good answer!
    Baking is the heat source coming from the top and bottom of your oven; giving what’s in there even cooking. If you are lucky enough to have a convection oven, there is a fan in the back wall of the oven and it distributes the heat perfect and evenly. Convection ovens require less cooking time and you lower the stated temperature by fifty degrees — because it’s so efficient.
    Roasting – again, the heat comes from the top and bottom elements and you don’t cover the food. Usually when roasting, you start the oven at a higher temperature and when the food goes in, you immediately lower the temp to the recipe’s stated temp. Doing this, the high temp seals in the juices by searing the outside, then the low temp cooks the dish. Roasting is mainly used for vegetables (especially potatoes) and roasts (hence “roast”-ing!)
    LeCruset (sic) is a wonderful cookware (expensive, but it will last you the rest of your life) for roasting. It’s porcelain coated cast-iron which takes the heat and distributes evenly throughout the entire piece for very even cooking.
    Broiling – you are cooking the food with the upper heating element only. The closer the oven rack to the broiler, the quicker it cooks. This is especially good for fish, as fish cooks quickly. But be careful! Left unattended for even a minute and you can have a nicely burnt dish! Broiling also helps if you cooked an item and it’s looking a bit anemic. Broiling browns and makes the tops of dishes crispy.
    Frying – I think from your question you have that one! :) Frying is cooking something in hot oil. Usually not butter, as butter burns quickly and easily. Peanut oil is great for frying, as it has a really high burn temperature… meaning that it can withstand higher heat without smoking.
    Grilling – That’s when you place your food on a grate over charcoals (gas, electric, or the old fashioned bags). Grilling is good because when the food is cooking, it smells terrific! Plus, by the way you arrange the coals, you can put your food over the hottest part to sear the food (it’s like sealing it) and then move it to a not-so-hot area to finish cooking.

  2. seasons1 says:

    Baking you use the bottom element for heat,roasting you heat all around,broiling the heat comes from the top and grilling you use that contraption out back that barbeque’s your meats

  3. REnate says:

    baking in the oven the heat comes from the top and bottom.
    Roasting is in oven uncovered with heat on top and bottom.
    Broiling high open flame only on the top with item exposed to flame
    Grilling usually on a grill outdoors or indoors – open flame or charcoal below the item
    Frying with the food item immersed in hot oil – can be breaded, battered or dipped – or plain –

  4. aisha b says:

    Baking, roasting and grilling are almost the same way of cooking, while frying you need to cook it with oil or butter broiling is in water.

  5. Sambhav K says:

    baking is done for cakes. its like cooking raw barter in microwave at high temp. it can not b cooked at law temp. on stove or gas.
    roasting is like making the outer layer of food alittle crisp and hard. like roasting cheshunuts almondsetc. grilling is done on breada and buns. that needs high temp.

  6. George says:

    Roasting is to cook foods by surrounding them in dry heat usually in an oven. It can also be accomplished by spit roasting over an open fire or on an outdoor grill. There are two schools of thought about roasting. One is that meats should be roasted first at a high temperature, usually 400 to 425 degrees, to brown the meat and seal in natural juices. After the meat is browned the temperature is reduced to 325 degrees to allow the meat to cook slowly. The other method is to cook meats by roasting at 325 degrees for the entire cooking period. The thought for each method is that it reduces shrinkage and gives a more moist finished product. You will find recipes that use both methods of roasting on our site.
    Baking is essentially the same as roasting however it is normally associated with baking bread or cakes.
    Broiling is to cook foods at a high temperature with an overhead heat source. Sometimes the temperature may be as high as 1500 to 2000 degrees in some commercial broilers. The food usually rests on a grate four to six inches below the heat source and is usually only turned once during the cooking process
    Grilling is done an on open grid or grate over a heat source. The heat source may be an electrical element, charcoal, or a gas flame. Pan broiling is done in a skillet or saute pan. It is done without the use of fat or the process is known as pan frying.
    NOTE: It should be noted that barbecuing is defined as cooking over charcoal or ashes and may be confused with some of the above-mentioned cooking methods.
    Sauteing is to cook quickly in a small amount of fat. The pan should be preheated. This will allow the food to be seared quickly. Small pieces of foods such as diced onions must be stirred or otherwise kept in motion during sauteing. Larger cuts of vegetables or slices of meat are usually only turned once.
    There are two types of frying that we will discuss briefly. The first is pan frying. Pan frying is done in a moderate amount of fat over moderate heat. This method is used for larger pieces of food and usually takes longer than sauteing. Varying amounts of fats are used and the food may be turned more than once during cooking.
    Deep fat frying is to fry foods completely submerged in fat. Although it seems fairly simple, deep fat frying is not as easy as one would think. Foods must be fried at the correct temperature, 350 to 360 degrees to minimize fat absorption. Only small amounts of food should be fried at any one time. Larger amounts of food cause the temperature to drop drastically.
    A NOTE: Blanching can also be done in fat. French fries may be partially cooked in deep fat and allowed to drain and cool before cooking completely done.

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