It always seems to be dried out. I want it to be tender, juicy and really bbqy…got any tips? Thank you in advance.

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9 Responses to “When Grilling Chicken, How Do You Get The Bbq Sauce To Stick?”

  1. Scott P says:

    Grill your chicken 3/4 of the way done. Then either remove the chicken from the grill and dip it into a bowl of sauce or use a spoon or spatula to ladle sauce onto the chicken while it’s still on the grill. A brush does not leave enough sauce on the meat to allow it to caramelize without burning and drying out. Continue to grill the now sauced chicken until done, turning once to evenly cook both sides. Some sauces are too thick (Sweet Baby Rays) to do this without first adding a few tbsp of water to thin the sauce ever so slightly.

  2. Scooter says:

    You have to grill chicken on low heat to make it tender and juicy. I normally cook chicken for about 35 min and then put the sauce on in the last 5. Marinates also help, let the chicken sit in the fridge in a marinate for at least 30 min before grilling.

  3. Put your sauce on closer to the end of your cooking to prevent drying out. It will carmelize somewhat, but that’s just going to bring out the natural sugars and make it taste better.

  4. Tech-Dad says:

    1st – marinate your chicken, make sure you’ve got either citrus or vinegar in the marinade
    2nd – grill on a low flame but make sure the grill is hot, you want to get a good sear, this will keep everything juicy
    3rd – once you’ve turned the chicken (don’t do it too soon or it will stick to your grill) BASTE with your sauce
    4th – when you turn the 2nd time, rotate so you get a nice checker pattern on the meat, BASTE
    5th – eat! serve w/ sauce on the side…enjoy…

  5. davemanB says:

    The real key to getting your BBQ sauce to adhere to the chicken is very easy! First, cook the chicken on the grill with just your basic seasonings; salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc. After the chicken is reasonablly cooked then begin to apply the sauce with some form of brush one ide at a time. Once the first coating is on, put the lid down on the grill and turn the setting to low and wait five to ten minute then applt a second coat and repeat. Just before you remove the chicken from the grill apply one last coat and yor dinner should be exquisite!!

  6. MS.MOCHA says:

    Try using a grilling brush….it’s a brush, (looks like a paint brush) made for grilling.

  7. Reboot90 says:

    if by chicken you mean women
    and by bbq sauce you mean jiz
    than its rather simple really

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