I know this may seem like a silly question but I was just wondering if anyone had an ideas on how to spice up a grilled cheese sandwich? I love grilled cheese sandwiches (Who doesn’t?) but I was wanting to know if anyone had any receipes for something more GOURMET? I’d like to impress my […]

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I’m mostly interested in a recipe for the same kind of sauce–the rest I think I can figure out.

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Nick on January 27th, 2010

does beer really help burgers? help on making them better. how do I stop chicken from burning and not have them come out raw in the inside? and I always burn fajitas. any help will do.

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We have a Chargriller with a side fire box. Should there only be charcoal in the fire box?

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When giving me tips, please give me tips that you would use and not just some random tips. Copy and paste is plagiarism and not encouraged. Tried and true experiences are encouraged.

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I want the smokey flavor of the grilling but the tenderness of the crockpot. Can I cook them in the pot and finish them in the crock? Or should I grill them first then transfer them to the pot? Do I have to add liquid to the pot of can I just cook them after […]

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Nick on September 17th, 2009

I teach, and we like to do grilling for the kids every friday. We need somthing easy and not to messy….

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I have used banana leaves several times for grilling. Adds a delicious flavor. But I need new recipes for grilling fish using this method. Any ideas?

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I’m grilling some steaks tonight and I love them rare, and most of my friends do too. I was wondering how to make sure they aren’t under cooked but definatly not overcooked. Any tips would be appreciated!

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Nick on July 13th, 2009

I am looking especially for tips on grilling corn on the cob and potatoes. How hot should the grill be and how long do you grill them for? If you have any ideas for other vegetables, any recipes that would be great.. Thanks!

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