I’m mostly interested in a recipe for the same kind of sauce–the rest I think I can figure out.

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I used to use it for a chicken and pasta recipies . Its was an Italian flavored mix for the grill but it disappeared off the shelves of every store and believe me I’ve checked them all. Please help this was about 5 -6 years ago

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Or sauces for these meats? I need some good Atkins friendly foods.

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Nick on December 25th, 2009

I love talapia. That is an excellent one, and just about the only fish I eat. I have to fry it to make it taste good, though. I’m looking for fish that’s good on the grill(watching my fat intake), tastes good, and with not a lot of bones. Thanks.

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Nick on November 28th, 2009

I’ve recently read an article on yahoo! I love the taste of grilled food! I think everything causes cancer these days!

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I am using inverted heat, they are on the side of the grill that the burner is switched off. They are wrapped in foil and cooking now. How long should I normally cook them for and how can I know when there are done?

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I want the smokey flavor of the grilling but the tenderness of the crockpot. Can I cook them in the pot and finish them in the crock? Or should I grill them first then transfer them to the pot? Do I have to add liquid to the pot of can I just cook them after […]

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